Alternative Therapies


The Freshwater Group and Watermark have long planned and integrated alternative therapies to help residents realize better health and lead fuller lives. Their latest development, The Hacienda at The River, is a standout example.

For this project, Freshwater has assembled a broad-based consortium of health and wellness practitioners to provide personalized, integrative wellness and therapy programs. Comprised of partners across the health care community including The University of Arizona, this “Live Well Age Well Collaborative” will call upon both traditional Western medicine practices and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, aroma therapy, massage and other bodywork. Of particular note will be the integration of equine therapy.

Equine therapy, known to the ancient Greeks, has enjoyed a renaissance in Western culture since the mid-20th century. Horses offer life skills of self-responsibility, clear communication, effective listening, congruent behavior and heart-centered teamwork. Riding, petting, grooming and simply being present with horses all have practical applications in physical, emotional and occupational therapies. The equine therapy program at The Hacienda will be under the direction of Barbara Rector, who has been sharing horses with people therapeutically for four decades. Barbara, who is based in Tucson, has traveled the world training professionals in her unique process for learning what horses have to teach humans.

Residents of The Hacienda at The River are poised to benefit from such innovative approaches and integrative clinical care, leading edge applied research, practitioner education and staff training. By partnering with the Live Well Age Well Collaborative, Freshwater and Watermark are creating a groundbreaking new model of healthcare innovation and integration for the senior living industry.